Does Envato Generally frown on hand drawn images compared to Vector

I have submitted a few images now which I believe to be of a good standard which are hand produced digitally (using a wacom tablet). Each time I get a hard reject. After looking over the market place many a time. It seems to be mainly vector available. Would I be right in saying envato has a massive bias towards vector over Raster images?

Maybe it’s that graphic art, rather than just traditional art, is what’s approved here? You could post one of the rejected images here and get some feedback if you want. Hard to say why they were rejected without seeing them, but it could be that they weren’t considered appropriate for a stock graphics site. :blush:

well i have seen one from Toonshack and i think he has a very original style and so on but maybe they are considering that the style is not really viable commercially speaking

hi buddy, as for me i would recommend that u try to submit more traditional style vectors and get to see whether u get accepted or not, u know that’s hard to identify what is the matter off sometimes, it maybe only a matter of personal taste from the person reviewing your items, or it could be a commercial potential issue and the fact that they identify your typo of work as not interesing enough sale wise or that here they are not focusing on this type of style (which maybe different somewhere else), or , and thesis the last option , they may see something that they do not like about the way your item is built … the problem is that this is difficult for us to let u know what is the most probable reason and that they are not providing with explanations when items are hard rejected

Sorry for late reply guys. I.Got thete in the end and finally got accepted :slight_smile:
Improved the instructions file and added some custom options.

Looks quite nice. I was expecting a more hand drawn style, but that doesn’t really look hand drawn to me. :slight_smile:

Haha, well that’s why I was so surprised they rejected it originally. Then I realised I’d put in general graphics rather than illustrations lol. But yeah its entirely had inked and coloured lol