Does Envato Cares about Authors !!!

We Authors are shouting and shouting… Does Envato Cares about us !!!
I am referring this Thread What are Envato’s plans for ThemeForest?
Does Envato Read what Authors are re-acting !!!
Please read all the comments.
We’re on horrible situations. New Items aren’t getting sales. Envato is creating new Branches and only Profits !!!

#######Envato Policy Sucks #Themeforest dying


Many good people are shouting from years - “Does people care about the Global Warming?

But no one’s even giving a damn about it. They do what they think is right. Funny, we humans learn everything the hard way.

Here, I am not against Envato Elements, in fact I kind of liked it because the fact that it gives extra money for authors excites me. Its neither against law nor Envato’s rule book(if there’s one).

Yes, but what about the other authors? Is it fair to take away their customers? No, but its just competition and we don’t have a monopoly anywhere in 2016.

There are 2 options -

  1. Make some really good items to meet Element’s standards and join it.
  2. Build even cooler items and make those elements subscribers buy your bad ass items.

PS: I am not talking in favor of anyone, I make something useful and sell it to anyone who’s ready to buy it. Period.