Does envato allow use of images from in project?

I want use placeholder (blank images from, is this allowed by envato?

I don’t know whether it is allowed or not but in my personal opinion we should avoid relying on any third party. we can use blank images locally on projects that will be the better choice as compared to any third party etc.

Hi @ichiegroup,

You must have to include all assets in the purchased download zip. You can use placeholder images but have to include those images into your main zip for the customer. You can’t use 3rd party web link images into your item’s code to present the images.


Thank you, I will download the blank images from, just asking for the legality of downloading from or I need to create those blank images myself.

Thank you

You can download and can use those placeholder images. But definitely better if you can create your own (easy job in photoshop). I always use my own created placeholder images for my Items. Thanks


Photos, Graphics and single-clip Stock Footage & Motion Graphics items are automatically watermarked by our system . However, Multi-clip Video and Audio items require a watermark to be added manually to the preview by the author. You can find links to download the video and audio watermarks below.