Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets?


As you don’t understand the difference there is no sense in further arguing. Your human body story just shows this more.
Other people may understand.

If total visits shown in your second screenshot is accurate the percentages may be comparable, but we don’t know how accurate that is in comparison to Alexa so I will stay with the data of only one site (Alexa) for now.

6.2% of visits of a rank 1000 Alexa site can be 50% of visits of a rank 1800 site.

We know for sure:
videohive is sending over 6.2% of his traffic to envato: could be anything between 6.2 and 100.
videohive is getting exactly 4.8% of its visits from envato.

The rest is water in human bodies and taxpayer fairytales and so on.


Another example that you may understand as you seem to like metaphors:

I earn $10 a day.
You earn $1000 a day.

Let’s agree that we give each other 50% of our earnings.
That’s fair, isn’t it?

No, you cannot compare parts and percentage of different things.


It will be fair if we are family. Envato is one big company. And it’s fair that fat sites like Themeforest share its traffic among others. Because if you are father, your future is in your children.
When I started this conversation. I said, that we are strong together. And if our kid (Elements) grow up, he will earn more and share his earnings with us.

In your example. If you get from me $500, this money helps you to survive. And if you have good potential to grow, then I may win in future. Because we can both earn $1000. And for the whole family it is good, because before it earns $1010 and now $2000.

Many countries help their small businesses to grow up. Think about it.


Haha okay, I will rest my case here :slight_smile:


I dont know if this fits the topic but Videohive (WE) won over the rest of competitors - revostock and other companies because they targeted their templates to professionals, and VH’s prices and type of templates was targeted to people with Trial Version of AE and small business. All these people now dont need TOP notch new template for 40$ but rather they will pay subscription (both videohive and elements have very high quality templates) so they will pick the from Element’s because of the price. You can see that most of the best sellers in VH are targeted for professionals - transitions, scripts, title animations etc. Customers that made Videohive what it is today will be lost to Elements.


I will repeat my words here, because apart from the fabulous theories about family, about different types of clients and about the belief that in a happy future it will bring results (which will obviously be mentioned again after this post) without specific data, there is no answer yet.

Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets? This ad banner speaks for itself. Otherwise, please, someone from Envato staff, could you explain to me why you are doing this with us? Why do you put in my shopping cart the ads of another market to which I am not related? Is it just because you can do that? But by this, you are showing incredible and awful disrespect for all authors, trying to steal customers from them and send them to your other market.

Till there is no specific data or answers from the team of Envato that a placing an advertising banner in the cart and redirect to another market it gives a greater result for the authors of the market where is this ad banner was placed (I don’t believe that I wrote this absurdity again), this action is pure stealing customers from the authors of the market and yours disregard to these authors.


I think you have a great question. I don´t know who you can tag for an official answer to this. But maybe you can try to open a support request to Elements Help and ask if they can give you contact info to a person who might can answer you? Elements Help Ticket (site feedback)

I did contact them 2 days ago about the question why there is no links from Elements authors —> to Marketplace portfolios (this would be beneficial for Elements customers that wants to step outside Elements and explore exclusive items from a VideoHive author for example )

They replied they will send this info to the developers. Of course it doesn´t mean anything will be done, but they seem very friendly and answer fast. So maybe they could at least send your question further along to those responsible for Elements advertising.


The elements banner is definitely causing some comfusion to the customers judging from the frequent customers posts on the subject. Some are finding this quite misleading and quite few of them asked for refund.

As for the new customers aspect I can only speak from personal experience. The company I work for is an old envato customer and it falls into the customer category Elements service is trying to attract.
Now our policy is to download only elements templates and forget the marketplaces. So in our case Envato and authors are loosing quite a lot of money.


This is another related topic which I really think authors from all marketplaces should considering speaking up about rather sooner than later: Why should there not be Elements price options between a private user and a company/freelancer who works for clients?

In AJ we have a discussion going on about this here: Tiers in the subscription model - Audio in Elements discussion It´s highly relevant for anyone to join, new changes will be made (or should be made…) as Audio now is coming to Elements very soon.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but still a very important topic which surprisingly few are talking about.


Hello Wayman,

Thank you for your post. We totally agree with your point of view. The banner in the cart is an act of an over-aggressive advertising campaign that is against the authors’ interests. Envato is sinking its traditional markets for Envato Elements, and thus encouraging authors to stop investing there and setting any long term goals connected with it.

On the other hand, from our personal standpoint, we see that Envato Elements has a very weak monetization model for the authors - it would take years to get a more or less tangible income for an even already existing portfolio.

So we believe that Envato Elements shouldn’t thrive at the expense of traditional Envato marketplaces, and the aggressive traffic redirection has to be stopped. As for the authors’ profits allocation model on Envato Elements, it won’t work until Elements completely takes over the traditional marketplaces and the overall Envato traffic doesn’t increase by several times as compared to what it is now.

Good-luck with the sales!


@Wayman Thanks for sharing this with Envato community!
I totally agree with you. This banner looks likes really strange((( It’s very unprofessional and bad idea from Envato Team. (((
I hope Envato will remove this banners :thinking:

I hope that all other updates from Envato Team will be cool and productive, such as ADP ! :sunglasses:


Totally agree…


Envato elements is good (at least for me as a contributor there). Last month I earned twice more than on regular market here -> but I know for me it is easier (I am graphicriver author too) because I can make many items in short time (and elements is all about ammount of items = downloads = money) - for TF aor AJ authors this is harder. It’s obvious.

Anyway - we have the market, we have elements… now we have placeit too (which can take over my customers also) - this is business, you need to work out the changes, don’t complain, work it out.



Did you make the earn with help of Elements? Great, I’m happy for you. But this topic is not about whether Elements is good or bad. There is a special thread on this forum, please write your feedback there.

Also, this topic is not about “changes”, but about the attitude and respect of a partner. And please don’t say “don’t complain,” because you probably don’t get the point of the topic. If you do not agree, or if you agree with what is written in this topic, you can always share your opinion, but if you carefully read all the comments here, you will notice that this is not about which market is better or worse. Thank you for an understanding.


I know what about this topic is. You are upset or angry because there are envato elements commercials everywhere including check out when paying for item - I am not blind and I can read. :slight_smile:

in my opinion this is waste of time :slight_smile: but you have free will :slight_smile:


Well, absolutely the same thing I can say about your comments here. But it will be off topic. Please, once again, I ask you to speak on the topic point but not about your attitude to the topic itself. I am sure you understand the difference.


Critique is never a waste of time. Even if nothing happens, it makes people think from another perspective.

It´s like the artist Adele said in an interview, to have only “Yes people” around her ruins her life. Why? Because she also needs people around her that dares to question her ideas, and help steer her more in the right direction.

Same with companies and collaborations, you want as much constructive criticism from different angles as possible. The smart and humble ones embrace it and at least look into it, if nothing else.


Criticism is like a gold - but lets be real here - envato team know exactly what are they doing and this commercials while checking out are not by accident :slight_smile:

so here this is not constructive criticism - it’s more like protesting against this commercials.

peace :slight_smile:


I think they know exactly what they are doing to. And that should raise some concerns in the current 1-way aggressive marketing. I´m not anti cross over marketing, but I´m very anti 1-way marketing.

I´m trying to put myself in Envato´s shoes, they probably have some numbers how many customers spends less than lets say $200´s on the markets in a year (probably a huge number) and wants to lure them over to Elements. You also have to consider how “cheap and for free” it must be to advertise on the markets compared to external advertising (to the millions of customers not hanging around the markets)

Whatever it is, I think this shopping cart ad is disrespectful to authors (especially Elements authors…) And I´m also questioning if maybe Envato should invest more in aggressive advertising outside the markets. I do know nothing about this though, so just throwing it out here :slight_smile:


Hello, @Wayman.

Thank you for the information. I am also against the banner inside of the shopping cart. I sent a request ticket kindly asking the banner to be removed from the shopping cart. I sent them the link to your forum thread. Personally, I only have a few logo reveal templates but I plan on creating more so I don’t want potential buyers to be distracted when they are close to making a purchase. I ask every author who is against the banner inside of the shopping cart to send a request ticket asking the banner to be removed.

Link -