Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets?


hi i think that all the new additions are making the lives of authors very difficult, whether this is place it or envato elements, this clearly does not help to sell indeed. Lots of guys may favor some items out of the price and subscription issues , not because of quality and all people are not on an equal footer for this matter … especially as all authors cannot join elements if they wish they have to be selected to join , so that some people maybe favored and some others not …


Well, based on what you say, we’re all doomed… and that is not the case, stats clearly show that. My argument speaks for itself and the fact the marketplaces grow as well. You can stick to the one-sided view of things. I’m not going to try to change your opinion as it’s clear you already made it. But, since the marketplaces are still growing, it’s a self sustaining fact, that, in fact, the majority of buyers don’t care about that ad, actually, if they’re a buyer, they don’t care about it at all. If you market revolves around “window shoppers” then indeed, that advertisement is a real reason to be afraid. In any case, I’m out! Other angles of viewing never work when an opinion is unmovable and single sided.


Because together we are strong.
If you suggest to look only on this specific situation (with a customer, your item, and a banner), then we should cut out the entire Envato ecosystem. If we cut out Envato ecosystem, then how much sales will you have?
So you see only sales that you potentially can lose, but you don’t want to see how many sales already Envato (and all other authors together) generated for you.
That is why you should see situation from a different angle, because here you are not separate from the others.

Personally I would like to have my own market only with my items, but doing everything myself is quite hard.


And one more thing. About cross-marketing. Everybody agree that Envato send customers from main market to Elements. But it’s not obvious that Elements bring customers back to main market.
So as an example take videohive and audiojungle. How many links to audiojungle do we have on videohive? Thousands! But how many links to videohive do we have on audiojungle? Not so many. But still, audiojungle help videohive to generate earnings. It’s obvious. Together we are strong, as I said.
The same thing with main market and Elements. On main market we have a lot of banners, on Elements we have almost none. But Elements itself is one big banner of Envato market. Customer who pay only $16.5 per month, will be interested to go to main market. Because he see the value, the quality, and the benefit that Envato can give him. And if he needs a specific item that he can’t find on Elements, he will go to main market to buy it, and to generate you earnings.
Right now Elements is not enough strong (and still under develop) to make this benefit more visible for you and other authors.


this is joke or what - “Because together we are strong”

Together we are not - I didn’t participated in decision Envato goes to USA

from my money after they took 30% and send to IRS. then american citizens have better street, better school, better guns, but when Envato was Australia company, actuality it is,
this 30% was in may pocket

so - no we are not together and no friends

this is business and we know how wins

Because together we are strong.
If you suggest to look only on this specific situation (with a customer, your item, and a banner), then we should cut out the entire Envato ecosystem. If we cut out Envato ecosystem, then how much sales will you have?
So you see only sales that you potentially can lose, but you don’t want to see how many sales already Envato (and all other authors together ) generated for you.
That is why you should see situation from a different angle, because here you are not separate from the others.

Personally I would like to have my own market only with my items, but doing everything myself is quite hard.


If you think so, why do you still here? If you are stronger alone, without Envato, and without other authors, then it would be much profitable to you to leave this place.


I’m here and and I will be here - but that’s not the point .read again my replay


I read. You think only about yourself.
You say you don’t want to pay 30% USA taxes. I pay 0% USA taxes, and pay 30% Australian taxes (on Elements).
So if you want to be here, you need to deal with me, who want 0% USA taxes everywhere. What we should do in this case? Argue to each other who deserved 0% taxes? Sorry, but I will not. This is off topic. As I said we are together, whether you like it or not.


I rest my case


Just one more thing for proof of working cross-marketing. Here is open data from Alexa.

Videohive traffic grow from July. Remember, Elements launched video category in June.
New traffic is not from the search.
We can see that 4.8% of visits come from (actually it includes not only main Envato site, but mostly

Then look at Elements stats. I observe, because I can’t separate this two sites.
Traffic… Oh, my God! Elements steals our visitors!.. NO. As we saw before, videohive visitors also grow.
As we see visits from search grow from July. So it’s potentially new customers who are coming not from videohive.
6.2% visits come from videohive.

So. With all Elements banners bla-bla-bla, videohive may maximum lose 6.2 - 4.8 = 1.4%
Of course we don’t know real numbers. but just to be absolutely clear… videohive rank is 1,747 and envato rank is 1,060… So Elements is more popular place and more people come to videohive than go from it.

I’m done :grin:


Again you choose to ignore a certain factor for this Videohive growth.
Of-course we can’t anymore discuss this particular phenomenon in this thread because of the strict censorship of the moderator but maybe we are allowed to say that not all new visitors are buyers.
Also if more visitors are coming then sales should be rising as well, but I haven’t read yet an author claiming that elements brought more sales to his marketplace portfolio.


Go to and search for the thing I ignore. You will see no difference before June 2018 and after that. There is no difference with Elements or without it.

UPD: I even see the growth slow down. And visitors from India and other poor countries. We never have many clients from those places.

UPD2: Once again data clearly says that 4.8% of all visits come from envato. We can ignore other sites like youtube, google, etc.


The math is wrong. You cannot subtract the percentages as they are percentages of different numbers we don’t know.

6.2% of all visits coming from videohive to is a much bigger number than 4.8% of the visits coming from envato to videohive.

We know that 4.8% of the visits on videohive come from elements. But the people going from videohive to elements could be 20%.

If you want to prove a point your math needs to be correct.

/edit: not saying you are wrong, just to convince people your math should work out :smiley:


Yes, you are absolutely right. I can’t directly subtract 6.2 and 4.8. That’s why in the end I say that I don’t know real numbers, and data from Alexa also could be wrong.
But we can compare parts.
Imagine small country with citizens. Let’s say it is Envato ecosystem country, where all Envato sites are companies in this country. Themeforest is one company, Videohive is another, and so on. And all companies pay taxes. For example, Themeforest pay 6%, Videohive pay also 6%. But in real numbers Themeforest pay much more than Videohive, because it’s much bigger company. So the main and important question - Would it be fair if Videohive pay 30% of taxes to compensate those difference in two companies? My answer is - of course, not.
The same thing with visits from Elements and Videohive. We don’t know real numbers, but we can say: Elements cut out from itself 4.8% and share its body with Videohive. And Videohive cut out from itself 6.2% and share its body with Elements. Both sites give what they can. Yes, Videohive may be fat, and it’s part may be bigger, but it doesn’t mean that the Elements part is not valuable. Element could grow bigger and could share more visitors in future. Right now it gives what it can.

Hope you understand my logic. :grinning:

UPD: And of course in reality I don’t know who is bigger Videohive or Elements.

UPD2: Another site give me this data:

Of course, I don’t know how accurate and trust-able this data could be.
UPD3: Total visits are almost equal. We can calculate that videohive lost around 13%. And Elements increased by 14%. It’s from June of course. In June we have 17.7M visits on both sites, and in September 17.55M.
I share this to be absolutely honest. Yes, right now videohive lose customers. But this 13% of drop generates for Elements Authors much more earnings. Yes, for @Wayman it’s horrible, he still lost 13% of visits. But in future I think Elements can give Videohive a proper benefit. As I said before, because customers will see the quality of our products, and will definitely want more.


@secondfalseiteration Yes, I may not agree with your calculations, or about your example about the ecosystem of Envato, but the main thing that I want to say is - Thank you for your efforts to be objective. This is really very important. No kidding.


Do you really read all my message, or do you quote only what is beneficial to you?

I asked:

And so that we no longer return to the words “cross-marketing” just show me the top banner from the Elements to Videohive, the link from an item on Element to Videohive, or maybe a banner from the purchase page of the Elements subscription. I found only a small link in the basement of Elements site leading to the Envato markets and that’s it.

But you are showing me the screenshot of hidden links under the “quick links”. Do you really think that you answered my request?

You say that I have already taken my view of things and I do not want to change it, this is not true! In fact, it means only that you just didn’t do anything to make me even tried to change it. An example of how you see my questions and my opinion you have already shown on the example that I indicated above. Therefore, with each time I am become to be not interested in reading your responses to my comments because I know in advance that you perceive them in your own way.

Also, I see that you look at the situation from the side of the development of the code, but at the same, I see that you do not understand how video design and video template are working for our clients. I am not only the author, I also make videos for clients and I know that for many of them the uniqueness of the project is not so important as the solution of their own task.

And also, sometimes, when I read your messages, I get the impression that you just create information noise here (sorry if it sounds rude) to get away from the problem, because every time after your big answer, I can answer ten times more, I can give you ten times more arguments and explanations for why you can’t argue something that you don’t know and why you didn’t get my questions correctly. Yes, you can believe in something and share your opinion, this is normal and this is good, but your way of answers looks like you are sharing it as like a truth, but not just something that you just believe. Yes, I know that you can say that you can too provide 10 times more arguments, and then I give you it too etc. But I cited the clear way of how you read my messages and how you answer to them. For me, this is enough. I hope, those who read it will also draw their own conclusions, because I don’t want to reply to you anymore, at least in this topic. And once again, sorry if it was rude, I didn’t want to somehow insult you, I’m just a little tired of how you answer and I don’t want to waste time and repeat my questions again and again, knowing that you will perceive them in their own way. Once again, sorry, but that’s all.


No, and no offense taken. Your arguments are just very single sided mate, so there’s no point in arguing. You won’t accept stats even if I give you graphs, so I don’t wanna fight or make “noise” as you said it, some will agree with you, some with me, and I absolutely believe in what I’m saying, since I know, factually it’s correct. Cheers mate!

Nah mate, relax. As I said, we have different opinions. I tried showing you mine which is backed up by more stats and facts, but it’s all good!

+1 :slight_smile:


Thanks. The most objective thing I may say, that the banner in a cart do a harm (how big that harm is, we don’t know) for individual author in short term. In long term l’m not sure. But I believe in good future for everyone. Because of one thing. If Envato wants from us only money, then they simply could say: “Hello, today we are increasing our fees. Have a nice day!” Done. Simple post and we all get instead of 70% just 50%.
So why they choose so difficult way to cut authors earnings? Build a site, do a big marketing company, attract authors, attract buyers, all this with potential risk of failure. Too many complex things.


I understand that you don’t understand the data you are presenting here :smiley:

Again you got it backwards. Videohive does not give 6.2% of himself to envato. 6.2% of all envato visitors are coming from videohive. This is the big difference here and this is what you don’t seem to understand.

The graph shown here contradicts with the alexa rankings that always shows envato above videohive so you cannot really use those numbers with alexa’s numbers as they clearly have different data they are based on.

This second graph actually kills your point of “videohive is growing”. Cool that you shared it, it shows that different website statistics are contradicting themselves. It also shows that we don’t really know anything :smiley:

note: I did update this post two times as I got the second graph wrong.


I know that I made this mistake. But again there is no any difference. Ok. Elements cut out from itself the part that is 4.8% of Videohive body. And Videohive cut out from itself the part that is 6.2% of Elements body. This sentence just may confuse readers.
You ignore the main thing. We can compare parts, even without knowing real numbers. My tax example clearly shows it. Human body contain 80% of water. And it’s true for everyone, and there is no difference how much does an individual person weigh. We can compare parts and percentage of different thing.

About Alexa data. They use Alexa Traffic Rank - The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.
The second site (SimilarWeb) shows total visits. That’s why this two sites contradicts with each other.

PS: And, of course, we don’t know anything for sure. We need a spy inside main Envato office. :rofl: