Does deleting the item affect sales

Hi everyone ,

Recently we deleted one of our item , After that we are experiencing a huge drop in sales , Does deleting the item affects the sales ? please let us know .

Thanks for your answers

I think this is just a coincidence. There are lots of situations affecting the sales and we all are demanding to connect them with a specific reason, I believe.

Thanks alot for your answer , might be it is .

At the risk of pointing out the obvious… if the item you’ve deleted provided you with a huge amount of sales, then deleting it would result in a huge drop in sales. I’m guessing you’ve taken that into account though?! :grinning:

Product was not getting good sales , That was the reason we deleted it , No one will delete item with good sales :stuck_out_tongue:

If your item had no sales then that’s not the reason why your sales dropped. I’ve deleted lots of items (including some with 100+ sales) with no impact on the rest of the items.