does “console warning” effect on submission reject ?

My template was hard reject yesterday.
When I inspect the page. in the second console tab, it shows a warning like this.

failed to load .map script can’t be an issue to get hard reject. I think you received a hard rejection because of the quality standards.

That has nothing to do with your hard reject. Feel free to share your item here, so you can get some feedback from the community.

@LSVRthemes thank you for your valuable feedback, but I have no live preview link. (not hosted anywhere)

@mgscoder thanks a lot for your valuable feedback…

What do you mean you don’t have a live preview? Have you removed it after the review?

@LSVRthemes Here you can see my theme preview.

without a Live preview link, the reviewer will not review your item because the item is a template/theme. Your customer must demand to check the template/theme functionality before purchasing your item. So, you must have to provide the Demo URL when you will submit the item for getting a review.

Thank you for your Feedback -

Right, if you haven’t provided a demo link, it is an automatic reject - considering this is supposed to be a HTML template. If it is just a design then that’s something else of course. However, looking at your screenshot, this would be a hard reject anyway. It looks like a nice freebie template, but there is no premium value. This concept has been done thousands of times already and with much better quality.

Take some time checking out recently approved bestsellers here on ThemeForest to get an idea about what level of quality is expected from you.

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Those errors are not related to hard rejection -
stealing other people’s work or uploading freebie templates from other websites is very much a reason for hard rejection and for potentially being banned.

All submissions need to be original and premium work. Don’t waste both your own, the reviewer’s, and other authors’ time.