Does "Author driven price" helping quality authors?

Shopify Theme $29, WP Theme $19. How is it possible?
Avg. Shopify theme Design, Development & Approval time 60 days (PSD+HTML+Shopify).
Avg. WordPress theme design, development & Approval time 80 days (PSD+HTML+WP).
I think it is better to have a standard price and a limitation to keep the price more/less 10-20%.
Otherwise, a few authors are selling WP themes at $19 and someone is selling at $59. I think it is totally imbalanced pricing.

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Hello @AslamHasib

You are right, There must price limit change, ex. min and mix price change limit $1000 :smiley: $13 :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Coca-Cola… tens of thousands of employees, millions of dollars of operating costs. 50 cents a can.

Мarket economy in action :grinning:.


the price is a personal choice and I do not think that can influence the quality of the product. In 4 years I have personally improved the quality of our products (certainly thanks to the experience) and the price has remained the same. I lowered the prices of the PSD versions but not for this reason the quality has changed.