Does AudioJungle Review Team consist from some best selling AudioJungle contributors?

I mean, is there something like community reviewing? Or it’s a team of classic employees in an office?

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They are hand-picked and will have:

  • technical skills
  • expert knowledge of the wider related industry
  • understanding of the envato marketplaces and what makes for suitable items

There may well be some who are authors (this does not cause a conflict of interest contrary to conspiracy theories!), but not everyone will be.

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I understand. It’s not a conflict of interest, because they don’t review their own tracks. But the more they are strict in the review process, the less new content comes in, so the tracks that are already there can sell over and over, without too much new concurrency. And maybe that’s the reason why best selling tracks sound the same here. Is this the conspiracy theory?

I don’t know that much about audiojungle but as with other marketplaces - reviews would not use their position to benefit their/other existing item sales.

The reason (again it’s the same on all marketplaces) that many best-selling items (and often new ones also) follow a similar style is because that is what works and what sells.

I’ve seen lots of outstandingly good website templates that are super creative and original, and more often than not, they just don’t sell anywhere like the same as the generic multi-purpose ones

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