Does Audiojungle collaborate with or is that just a scam?

Hi there
I have reasently purchased a music and sound bundle from which contained some files with “Audiojungle” voiceover “watermark” kinda thing.

I’ve tried contacting but never heard from them, so I requested my money back from Paypal, where the battle now stands. says, they have a collaboration with Audiojungle, but I doubt that in the fact of collaboration more than theft or download of demo sounds.

Can Audiojungle confirm such a collaboration or otherwise?

It sounds unlikely but you can check with envato support

To be fair they have an audiojungle profile but they are an exclusive author so unless they are just redirecting you to purchase on envato then they are still breaking the rules.


Anyone can purchase the files and then redistribute them without consent, which I’m trying to find out, since I’m probably not the first or last person who purchases the deal, but maybe one of the few who finds “the wrong file”

This link (please remove if out of place) is what I got from
Heartbeats.mp3 - Google Drive

you need to contact support …
and in this case the support of envato.