Does anyone sell as non-exclusive?

I feel like I don’t see any non exclusive artists in the lists making sales, is it possible that exclusive artists are being pushed more?


It’s more possible that:

  1. If you start to make a lot of sales, you switch to exclusive if you aren’t already because of $$$.
  2. If you are exclusive, you put a lot more time into this one place. Promoting, etc. Thereby getting more sales.

You’re probably right, thanks for the insight!

Yes, I believe there is zero difference between ex and non-ex in the search rankings, but natural human behavior would turn (or keep) big sellers exclusive. :slight_smile:

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But staff tends to use exclusive authors in some campaigns. And I think featured authors are mainly (only?) exclusive.

Well, it COULD be true that they prefer exclusive features, but I think it has more to do with the fact that most authors are exclusive, because of the obvious monetary incentive. So it’s only natural to notice them more.

And if you make really good music that stands out, you are likely to get a lot of sales even without features and campaigns, and more likely to be exclusive because you want to get to that 70%. And an author with really good music is much more likely to be featured.

You see, it’s not easy to find the true cause and effect here. :slight_smile:

Not all featured authors are exclusive, but most are. But who knows how many changed from non-ex to ex once they got featured, because now they knew they would get a lot more sales.

They explicitly acknowledged they they were indeed giving priority to exclusive items. Though they didn’t go into details as to how, nor whether search was affected as well.

In any case, I agree with you that many factors are at play.

I see, where did they do that?

Anyway, it’s quite natural to prefer exclusive items in advertising campaigns, but I don’t believe that search is affected.

In a folllow-up post to one of their announcement. Couldn’t tell you which one though, nor which staff member.

I also remember that “statement”. But @Flumen everything else you’re saying it’s true!