Does anyone sell a web template like this?

I am busy creating a web site using a WordPress them (No names) I keep running into road blocks of things that can’t be done. I’ve done loads of work but there are still several issues outstanding.


If at all possible I would like to have a site that easily lends itself to have a mobile app created from it.

So can any of your themes do the following things? (with or without plug ins)

  1. It MUST handle an interactive Google Map. Almost all of the other features I need will rely on the map.
  2. Handle listings and packages At least 4 categories involved. Premium, Basic, Free and Premium with Bookings and payments.
  3. The Listings details displayed must be able to be different for each of the 4 packages mentioned above.
  4. The “pop up” box that appears when the map marker pin is clicked also needs to be dependent on which package is involved. Ideally I should be able to add lots of tiny icons into this box. DON’T CONFUSE THIS WITH MAP MARKERS
  5. A bookings and payment facility to link in with the Premium with bookings package mentioned above.
  6. Stripe Gateway #
  7. Map pins to be included/excluded from view by category
  8. Direction facility on map
  9. Different maps to be displayed on different pages. E.g. British maps on UK page, French maps on France page etc.
  10. Ideally customisable map markers. They should be the same as listed against the categories.
  11. Nearby sites

Other features unrelated to the map:

a. A classified ads section. Both free and paid ads #
b. A blog site to be used by the site administrator #
c. A second blog site for the use of users
d. A General Forum page (Any users) #
e. A Secure Forum (Users need an additional login etc to access) – used for dating type application
f. Numerous ‘static” pages
g. A secure, anti spam registration and login for the site itself
h. Another secure anti spam registration and login for the Secure Forum mentioned above
i. A facility for people to download an app from the site
j. A Charity / Donations page #
k. Contact Us forms #
l. Ability to charge for Classifieds –EFT, Stripe etc.
m. A “Chat” facility #
n. Ability to “Push” messages to mobile users
o. Integrated email/contact facility to contact users/advertisers etc.

These items easily created by getting free and/or premium plug ins.

Also, if there is something that comes close, would I be able to import info from my WordPress site?



110% that is going to be an entirely custom job and you will need some serious budget.

Even if you found a template theme with some of the functionality, the level of hack job you would need to get everything you want up and running would create all sorts of risks and considerations.

If you have a sensible budget then you may be able to find someone at but you will definitely want to check their portfolios and experience carefully as this is not a basic build

As Charlie say this will be custom made site but I am not sure that you all can on Wordpress platform. I am currently working on similar thing but on Laravel.

If you want I can send you link ?