Does anyone know of a good ebook landing page html5 template that DOESN'T use bootstrap?

I’m working on developing a site for my ebook and i’m trying to find a good landing page template.

I’m pretty strict about web performance - I never ever make a site that takes more then half a second for a full paint on LTE connection. For that reason I don’t use bootstrap and I can’t seem to find a good template that uses only vanilla HTML and CSS

Any good recommendations?

Most of the HTML templates uses Bootstrap to save time on coding for the responsibility issues. You can buy a PSD design and code it as you wish if you cannot find a good one without Bootstrap

Despite @ki-themes good point about Bootstrap being popular - in a stock marketplace where versatility is a key sales factor, then regardless of the library, templates often include more CSS or other code than maybe actually necessary for the end product.

As such you are going to need to strip back, streamline, make sure you have decent hosting, optimise assets etc.

By the time you have done this I doubt you would see a significant difference from Bootstrap to most other options