Does anyone know how long these tests are going on for?

Getting kinda thirsty for some sales action - especially on new items.

I think the tests are or might be over now. When you choose music category the items show by “newest” by default. At least on Chrome.

It doesn’t depends on browser. It was randomly assigned.

But looks like the tests are over now.

Yes, I know but I’ve seen some posts days ago where people were claiming that items displaying differently in different browsers. That’s why I said it’s fine on Chrome now :grinning:.
But yes, it seems it’s over now.
Best regards!

It sure was a great way to discourage new uploads though, if that’s what they were after… Even top giants like PZ (and others) had 0-1 sales on new items after 1 week+ (which is unheard of by the way!) so it was also great proof that the new item visibility is extremely important.

By the way, the “trending” items weren’t all trending items at all (someone messed up here), only very few. There were mostly really old items with 4-5 sales during the last 5 years or so… Hard to call that a trend.

Not against older items showing up in search at all, quite the contrary, but to call them trending is a bit strange…

Just insert a “Random” filter like many other sites to change things up a bit.