Does anyone have experience using virtual assistants?

Hi everyone! I have a question and I’m hoping someone could help me out.

I’ve opened up my business after a couple of months of getting everything together and I’ve come to realize that I need an assistant. Although I can’t quite afford to hire a full time assistant I’ve heard about virtual assistants that charge by the hour. Has anyone ever used this type of service? If so, any suggestions?

Thanks all!

I’ve heard about this. I’d be interested to know if anyone’s done it.

I guess (as with all things) it depends on who the assistant is?

Hi Max!
As per your concern, This is the right time to hire a virtual assistant as for the better performance of your business it is necessary for you to focus on core activities & assign other tasks to someone who has expertise in performing them. So in my advise you must opt for a VA bcoz they are more cost-friendly as compared to those traditional assistants.

Thank you

Hi Max,
In my suggestion, its the best time to hire a virtual assistant as it will help you to focus on your core activities and expansion activities.
As you asked that someone tried the services of virtual assistant? Yes, I’m using their services and they help me a lot in fixing my extra work. I will suggest you for Your24by7va a virtual assistant service providers from whom I’m taking services for more than a year. You can also read this blog post to understand how a virtual assistant can help you in your business -

It is better option to hire a virtual assistant to handover work to him and you can focus on your business goals.
To a Virtual Assistant you can give various administrative tasks, including answering emails, making travel plans and arrangements, scheduling meetings. These are the good tasks to hire Virtual Assistant for:-
• Prepare and maintain Customer spreadsheets and online records
• Create presentations
• Organize manager’s calendars
• Scheduling meetings
• Responding to phone calls and emails
• Booking travel accommodations
hope this will be help you little.

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