does anybody why my items always get rejected ???

Hi there,
I always get hard rejects and never know why,
these are 2 of them,
here the first one:

and another one:

does anybody know why it got rejected ?
THANKS for listening
best regards
music monstah

General quality is good enough, but I think the first example is a tad bit too simple and repetitive. After all, this kind of corporate / children genre is the most competitive genre there is, so similar tunes are being uploaded a lot each day. I’d recommend to make sure there are enough details and intricate changes so that the tune is not just “create the simple structure and copy paste it ad infinitum”.

The second tune is also a bit repetitive, and the percussion sounds are maybe a bit too plastic sounding for this kind of chill tune. But it’s a close call as well, might have gotten accepted on another day.

Good luck!

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hi , sorry i am not expert but here’s how i feel about an amateur of music, for me the first track is good but this is a bit lacking some variations at some time to either break the rhythm and push a bit to a different style, to have more vareity and to avoid the repetitive side that this creation ends up with , but i think it will not be so difficult for you to rework and thus embetter so that it turns into an approved file , and this is the most important part indeed :wink:

as for the second one , i have to admit that this is a bit less “my type of music” as the rhythm is not as dynamic as in the other one, but quality is good also and the track is a bit more varied also , just too bad that u did not have another break in the general music so that it reinforces variations actually, this one is thus for me even closer from an approval i think …

No doubt sound quality is industrial level and this is my opinion :yum: …I guess Song structure is missing…and too repetition…for "Toddler anthem " you can add some ghost notes in drum track right now its sounds like empty…add filler instruments (ensemble string section, different bell tones etc) …use harmony on string part…
your second track Meditation… I just loving it…but again song structure is missing and too repetition…you can add some Arabian instruments with sitar :smile:

Many Thanks