Does anybody know why my this logo has been rejected by graphic-river ?

please help me guys this is my 15th rejection and i am not able to figure it out what I am doing wrong.

i will send you my file too if you want to correct…please help

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This looks like an illustration instead of a logo.

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thanks for reply …can you please give me some suggestion which will help me to make this design to perfect logo

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It is hard to tell you in few words. You need to learn the basic principles of logo design.


hi this is not bad but u need more effort about colors - combining some to add relief - and typo, most importantly … at this stage this is way too flat and far from envato standards in my view … i also see a discrepancy a bit in terms of style between the body and tail of the bird and the rest … they look like pasted from different things and put together a bit randomly …