Does anybody know where I can find this theme

Hello, I was wondering does anybody know what theme is used on the website also does anyone know how they managed to intergrate a news feed on there landing page. If anybody can design or if there is already a theme like this out there, could you point me in th right direction? I need a premium theme for my Shopify store which is similar to this.

Looks like it is just a well styled and constructed magazine blog like any of these

Thanks, do any of these magazine style blogs have a Shopify store layout as well. Or is that something separate. Is this included in the manazine and blog style package. Or is it something I have to get separately.

Thanks again

Also can these themes be used on Shopify or is it just Wordpress sites.

Those are all WordPress - it is possible to add a blog to Shopify but it’s not common to find Shopify themes with this magazine style blog (Shopify is predominantly a commerce platform unlike WordPress).

Trying to combine two different platforms is rarely a good idea and done as a custom job would be very expensive. There are WordPress plugins like this which integrates Shopify and WordPress. Again, it’s not a perfect solution but will likely be the best (realistically priced) option available.