Does any body Know What happend to ristana ?

I bought some app from ristana like these:-

Now it’s gone . Does anyone know the reason please reply

I think that author account is suspended. May be he is under some kind of violation like DMCA/Copyright.

Or he removed his account by himself.


yeah seems like account is been suspended or the author has terminated by himself. :thinking:

Thanks buddy

most welcome

Even I purchased a template of this author but not able to set it up.

If anyone has any email conversation or files shared by this author, please share it.

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I think you can’t do anything with that author but you can find some who can help you to solved your issue.
Can you tell details what you want exactly now ?

you can contact with anyone from envato forum with this way


I am trying to enable admob ads but no luck.

Anybody has the video tutorials of the RIstana wallpaper app 2.0 uploaded to youtube, He has taken down the videos also.

ristana Changed His Name New Name Is virmana Inc I Don’t Know But May Be They Do Some Fraud …

here Is New profile Link

naveenkg29 tell me what is the issue

Thanks brother