Docusign Wordpress Plugin


I’m looking for a wordpress plugin that does digital document signatures for example with the DocuSign API…

Shortcode would be similar to [docusign return_url=“”]Link_to_document.pdf[/docusign]

Anybody know of something like this?


Hi vaevictus,

i can do this for you if you what too. Just contact me via skype at jonathanlaf


Any updates on this plugin


Finaly vaevictus has abandoned the project. Do you need it ?


maybe. contact at neiljkrishnan [at] gmail


I made my own with gravity forms. Though, there is also this:


There is now WP E-Signature by ApproveMe. They focus 100% on legally binding documents (UETA & ESIGN compliant). No monthly fees. Use your website to sign documents.

It is by far the most customizable document singing application built for WordPress.


There looks to be a few plugins on CodeCanyon that can do this:

Try these: