Documentations lacking - Has something changed on the guidelines?

Hey guys,

I’ve been uploading projects ago 3 years with documentations that were simple .txt files with some 1. 2. 3. 4… step for step instruction how to install my project.

My newest project which is finished called eliteTicket - a ticket system is currently uploading and has been rejected softly for 2 times.

The first time, the reason was my lacking documentation. So I’ve removed any useless content, took the template for the documentation which has been given for free by the reviewer and resubmitted it. Once again it got softly rejected.

Well, this time I’ve splitted the documentation template into two areas:

  • Installation of eliteTicket
  • Documentation of eliteTicket

In the installation of eliteTicket I’ve described step for step how to install my project on the server with given default super administrative email and password.

In the documentation of eliteTicket I’ve described step for step how to use the administrative panel, how to set languages, how to manage user, tickets, language phrases, smtp / email settings, maintenance, page information and meta tags… almost everything.

That means, I’ve put a lot of effort into this documentation this time.

And ago 3 years I passed with 3 projects with a simple 20-lined .txt file - that was in my opinion really 0815 and lazy written.

Do you guys think, it will pass this time? I’m already waiting nervous for 2 days. Can’t hold myself still.

Thanks for any answer on this.

Maybe the documentation itself if good, but difficult to understand? When I uploaded my first item Auto PHP Licenser, it was also soft-rejected because of documentation.

The issue was caused because of a large number of item’s features. It has many options for experienced PHP developers, and I explained them all, so whole documentation became really complex. Then I separated documentation into multiple sections: Installation, Starter Guide for Basic Protection, Starter Guide for Complex Protection (for expert users). And it got approved.

Thanks @phpmillion for your answer.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I parsed it too into multiple sections. I’ve got too a lot of features, but none of them for PHP experts because my Content Management System has been built for an easy user interface usage. The user mustn’t understand any basics of PHP to work with it.

Anyways, did you write your own PHP base or have you used any premade CMS for your projects? I wrote my own eliteCMS proudly with a clever, object orientated, performanced and classified way. This shouldn’t be a declineable reason even though I use PDO with prepared statements, CSRF tokens and much more… it’s secure. for sure.

Let’s see what will happen. Thanks again for the answer.

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

It’s completely my own stuff, made from 0.

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Awesome to know that we aren’t the only ones :slight_smile:
Custom CMS is better and client oriented, so we can offer nice product really concerned to their needs!
Although that many CMS already offer that possibilitys and beihond, they sometimes offer more than it is expected, but the market is like this :smiley:

Best regards.

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Hey cool to know! :blush: Yep. Especially I hate to use other codes because I trust really no one at security vulnerabilities and I understand my own code myself at best. Wordpress code is btw. so slow and trash in my opinion.

Wish you the best luck furthermore with your CMS :heart_eyes:

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Same here :call_me_hand::muscle:

GL for you 2!

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