Documentation should be separate, and notification before message, comment or review!

I will be very happy if Envato brings three changes in Envato.


There are some respected customers who does not open the zipped file of WordPress PlugIn (It’s the main file, and Documentation is included inside it). He or she directly tries to upload that in WordPress server. But when any problem happens they directly contact with us (In some rare cases, provides 1 Star review directly). That’s definitely a serious miss-understanding.

Documentation should be uploaded as a separate file when we upload a new product or when editing a old product.

So, if they download the “Documentation” as separate file, it will help them to find it out easily. There should be a “Road-block Message” from Envato to notify customers that there is “Documentation” which they will have to download first. Without downloading “Documentation”, no one will be able to download Main Product.


Obviously we do not stay in front of computer for 24 hours/ 7days. Normally I stay with PC 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. But to avoid any unwanted problem, I showed this announcement, “This author’s response time can be up to 2 business days.”

I think this message (with average response time) should be displayed just above message box and every comment (when someone makes a comment).

Because without that there is probability customer may miss the announcement as Support page and Portfolio page are in different location. So, If the every product page has a message box just at the right-side navigation panel with the announcement - it will be more hassle-free for both clients and authors. Also there should be extra information which will say the average response time of author in second line. I got the idea from Facebook message. When someone opens a Facebook page, it shows “average response time” of the page admin.

Why not a internal conversation box in Envato? a notification will be sent to our email (in Gmail or Yahoo or other). But if Envato has own message sonversation system, later customers, authors and Envato team will be able to check/investigate. Envato can delete 6 months old conversation to keep the server space free.


Some times our new customers when failed to install a WordPress PlugIn, they become confused. Without making contact with authors, sometimes they directly provide Negative Review. That’s definitly a missunderstanding.

So, there should be a time barrier. If anyone buys any product, he or she will be able to rate and review the product after 1 week.

I hope, in the meantime, all problems will be resolved.

Tawhidur Rahman Dear

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For me I try to provide inline documentation under each of the plugin settings inside WordPress dashboard so customers don’t have to open any other files, Also it’s good practice to provide online docs and mention the link somewhere in your plugin option page, I have seen authors who add the documentation folder inside the the plugin zip file and they point buyers to the index file from their domain so each buyer will have the docs already uploaded to his website.

Also you can get over the fail install problem by renaming your main download file with something like

Yes! It’s a good practice. But CodeCanyon has a policy to upload a Documentation also. There are few customers who don’t study too much. So, there should be a “Road-block Message” from Envato to notify customers that there is “Documentation” which they will have to download first.