Documentation for Adobe XD UI design

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I do make ui/ux design and i’m planning to start selling on themeforest,
but i have no idea on how the documentation should be or what to include in the documentation for a ui design (specifically Adobe XD).
If any one can guide me, or if there is any documentation sample as a guide.
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Yes, you can make a documentation, please buy file adobe xd in themeforest for see example.

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You don’t need to purchase an item for the documentation, you just need to create a basic documentation for it as a start and by time, if it’s needed, you can update it.

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you don’t need to do much in the documentation.

just follow this instruction for Adobe XD.

  1. Every item in ThemeForest requires a basic documentation file to help customers use your item.
  2. The documentation must be written in English with basic information about how to use or customize the template and formatted as PDF or HTML.
  3. The file structure of your template must be documented, preferably with screenshots and descriptions.
  4. All necessary credits & resource URLs must be included, e.g. for any 3rd party fonts, images, etc used in the template and/or item preview.

You can make your documentation in a simple Word file and attach a pdf of that in main zip file and mention the location of that to the reviewer while uploading.
In addition to those instructions you can mention the system requirements and other stuff like the font used, Adobe XD version require, etc.


I will consider that, Thanks for your help i appreciate it !

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@ki-themes, @sagarmaher
Just what i needed, Thank you soo much for your guide and help i really appreciate it

Hi, i want too if any example documentation please share
thank you