Document management help

So I have an intranet site I am building using WP ERP, HR manager and woffice theme.
1 thing I am needing is a document storage and management with user rights.
Basically I want each employee to be able to see their own documents (i.e employment stuff, tax stuff…)
Is there a document manager out there that would work well with what I have. I have found a few but the ones I have found are veeerrrryyyyy cheesy looking.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Given the nature of that type of information I would strongly suggest looking at either a custom developed solution or even a secure third part app that is linked to/integrated from the site.

WordPress is great, but compiling stock themes and plugins is not anywhere as secure as bespoke solutions.

It may cost more initially but if you are using a hacked together method using stock themes and plugins - should the worst happen and people’s confidential information becomes leaked then you or the company using the site could be in very serious trouble.

Beyond this - depending on the type and size of the company using the site, usually there would be some sizeable legal agreements and hosting and/or storage considerations too which again could be resolved easier by using a dedicated service.