Do you think this work is good? suggest me if anything was left out.

Is this design gonna work what do you think? Ignore the picture it is not final work. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have no much time today but my first impression this item will be rejected 100%.

I’m sure my friends from forum will tell you why (for example it’s too dark, too simple… etc).

Wait for other opinions but in this shape this callendar will be rejected for sure.


Thank you :blush:

hi i like the attempt to bring some originality to the table and this is nice about this … though the colo combination are well done and harmonious, too, i think that there is a bit improvement to bring to the typo indeed , especially by introducing variations instead of having systematically bold versions everywhere … this will help u to strengthen the hierarchy of information as well in the process … since , at this stage this is a bit flat as far as this particular point is concerned … i also tend to believe that the choice of the picture is clearly not a very good one and does not help to value what u have done here. BTW, what is the point about having a picture in such an item if this is really not popping out, really not being valued and so dark as what u have here? Besides , to further let u know how i feel , indeed, i consider that the choice of the central circle is a strange one as this is rounds or circles and no where to be seen otherwise and that all is much more squared and rectangle oriented and normally the combination is not the best of choices …

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