Do you think this music is suitable for AJ ?



I think that samples sound are outdated. Try to replace them by more modern sound. Good luck!


Do you know from where I can get a decent piano and harp soundfont or vst ?
I’m using Synth Harp 2 soundfont and 2 types of piano, one of those is a soundfont + few other instruments

Thank you!


I agree with luckyblackcat , today you can find really great free vst instruments , just take some time and google a lot ! :slight_smile:

Good luck dude !


Maybe you need to improve the mix. Sound is not bad. and you can put some loops to make it more exciting.
Hope it help.


Can you tell me what kind of loops did you had in mind ?

I was thinking to change the drums, and to make a bit more complex (I think is to simple )

Thank you very much for taking time to answer to my post, I know that all of you are very busy


This is one of my favorite Drum loop vsti. Stylus . You can use the loop from Logic too (if you have it).


I’m using FL, but I think it will work just fine, thank you!


I absolutely agree with previous authors. Follow their advice. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I will, thank you!


Hi! Try to panorame main instruments, add litte bit more of reverb to harp and reduce high frequences on it. I think it make it more commercial. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Try to replace them by more modern sound. Good luck!