Do you think this is a strong item?

Hi there!
I really appreciate your help. Can you tell me what do you think about this mobile website / app template? All I have for now is the homepage (unfinished - need to add more elements) and both left and right side menus.

Thank you!!

Anyone? :smile:

I am not good with Web design, but does your item even lift? :):slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

What do you mean by lifting? This is a mobile template, you can drag up and down / scroll :smile: You asked if it’s strong or not :slight_smile:

Yea right!! Got it!

The layout does appear to have a strong theme. I have noticed two things about the text.

  • It might be my screen, but it seems the paragraph text is a bit light. The other elements of the text are perfect though. :slight_smile:
  • For the white text on the pictures under Articles, were there plans to add shading behind it later on? If so, it would really boost its contrast.

Overall this is a great theme.

Thank you so much. If you open the linknon a desktop, you will notice a darker effect applied for the articles section. Otherwise I think you are right about the light gray font, it can be darker. Thanks for your advices and I am glad you like it.