Do you think this could be accepted?

Hi, I don’t have a lot of experience in this genre, but still trying to chase best selling items on the market. Do you think this would be accepted? If no, what changes should I make? Or leave it and never come back to this track? Best regards, Marcin

Cool track! But this is neither corporate nor ambient. To me it sounds too “cinematic” for the corporate genre. The track has potential though, just don’t market it as a corporate track.

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Well, to be fair, “Corporate” isn’t a music genre, it’s just whatever corporate buyers like to use at the moment. In ten years it might mean something completely different than “U2 mixed with light electronic music”, or the more general “inspiring and/or motivational background music that works well as a music bed for a voice-over and doesn’t change too much over 2-3 minutes”.

But I agree that it definitely isn’t ambient. :slight_smile:

If anything, I suppose Corporate Cinematic would be a somewhat accurate description.

I love it! It would work well in a commercial without a voice-over too.