Do you think this a general considered problem? (Screen Quality)


Hi there,

My question might be for designers.

While someone working on a design, it’s really accurate while specifying color values or dark and light degrees of it.

Sometimes while i’m working on a design where i preview the work, and when i preview it on another screen, i found some specifications like colors, light and dark degrees looks something different, and it gives me different personal evaluation! So this means that while i working on a design where the output is what like i see, in the other hand it looks different on other previewers screen!!

Do you think this point is considered or not? If yes, so what you think is the good approach and how to know i have a “real evaluation” (if this expression right) out from my screen?



Any impression?


Happened to me :pensive:
I design on my monitor and its okey, but i started receiving soft-rejected messages from reviewers emphasizing color contrast problems.
I try on another terminal, and colors are very different. But when i try other monitors in my terminal it seems like the problem continues. So i still could not find any good solution :disappointed:
Are just gray basis problems, it is not a big deal, but it makes the difference.
Good luck to you.