Do you think they accept this kind of stock footage ?

I have this item made long time ago, and I exported to alpha animation.

Do you think they accept this in cartoon section ?

I’d probably say no as it is, although I’m not a reviewer. However, if you had them as they are, but also included a version where the boxes were textured to look like real cardboard boxes… and they were split onto two layers (front and back of each box), so people could easily animate content coming out from the boxes… then that could be a pretty useful item. Maybe with a control layer so the grey boxes can have their colour altered as well.

There’s always the chance it still wouldn’t get accepted after you’ve done all that, so it’s up to you whether you do or not, but I think that could work. Everyone loves stuff animating out of boxes!

Unfortunally I already uploaded a simple video animation with a colored version fold/unfold.

But you are saying that animated separate layer is accepted ?

so a video can be splited in to 4 videos with different layers ?

Absolutely. Motion graphics items can be provided in separate layers for maximum usability. You’re usually best to upload a ‘whole’ animation for people who might not have the software or the know-how to work with separate layers, but including separate layers adds value to the item.

Like I have an item where it’s a spaceship approaching a planet. It’s one video file, but then I have just the planet and just the spaceship… as people might want a spaceship approaching a specific planet, or they might want an establishing shot of just the planet without the spaceship etc etc.

I will wait for the reviewer feedback, after that I will render again all the animations (more then 12 splited into 4 laers each :smiley: )

Thank you @SpaceStockFootage

What software are you using ? I usually make 3d stuff with Blender

C4D and After Effects, with a touch of Particular, Holomatrix, Illustrator, Shine, Real Glow etc etc. Here’s my first ever item I uploaded to VideoHive back in 2010…

…it’s amazing what you could get away with just using CC Sphere back in the day! It’s not my finest piece though.