Do you think that's bad?

Give me advice on this item to be accepted!
thank you

hi let’s face it , this is a rather cool central composition that u have here , though u blew the whole thing up with a very bad organization of all text related elements indeed … the whole reading process is wrong in what u have here … have u ever heard of z-shape reading? the eye swings across the page from top left to top right and in a slanted way from top right to bottom left and the eye ends up at the bottom right part … all this with a focus point in the center of the page … in other words, titles are very badly positioned as regard to having them being outstanding … plus the halloween title is lacking contrast and “style flyer club” slightly a bit too …
in addition, texts are too close from edges and this is globally lacking of white and free space so that the flyer , texts and elements can “breath” …
the date is not popping out enough too, lack of contrast , plus bad choice of typo variation makes it look not good and as this is not necessarily perfectly positioned either … the things deteriorates what u have created more than any other thing

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@n2nn Thank you my friend I will modify the mistakes you talked about if the work is accepted I will be grateful to you :عيون القلب:

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in shallah buddy :slight_smile: but pls spell my name well if u do not mind lol