do you think it's fair to let other authors review your items ?

Hi Jungle,
I have a question for you:
is it fair that other authors (competitors) can review your items ?
I think it’s just not fair because they are your competition.
audio jungle should really change that because it’s completely unfair in my opinion.
how do you feel about this ?

Yes, i think its ok. Whats the problem?

They’re picked carefully for their technical expertise and knowledge of the marketplace and what would sell/suit.

They are not all authors but I think it actually gives them a better view on it. Plus they’d never discriminate against other files because if the file is good it’s going to get through whoever reviews it.

There are many things that are unfair on this marketplace… This is not one of them.

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I think Envato community is good enough to believe :smiley:
But if you face this issue, just report it to Envato :slight_smile:

Are you on about reviewers, who are also authors, reviewing your items for approval on the marketplace? Or authors buying your items and then leaving a negative review? If it’s the former, then what Charlie and everyone else said. If it’s the latter, then I guess if they have bought something they have the right to review/rate it. I’d like to hope that competitors aren’t buying items just so they and rate them down, but I pay my rent with money rather than stars, so if they want to pay me to leave a bad review, then I can live with that.

it’s about the fact that other authors are your competitors

is there any instance who is monitoring the reviewer decisions ?

Well i didn’t had any problems with this fact.

ha ha, big brother is watching all of us!! :wink:

I think best who understand other projects and other author feelings

There are senior reviewers and you can always appeal the decision but given the number of submissions they get I doubt anyone oversees all of them everytime

I don’t see the reviewers as ‘competitors’ or ‘competition’. I see them as fellow authors who also have an important job to do. Without them we wouldn’t have a quality control system. They do an excellent job, so we should be thanking them, and be glad that they are taking the time to review our items.

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so true! :slight_smile:

you don’t seem to be having proplems with authors being reviewers but I do and many others as well.
let me tell you something,… imagine yourself as a owner of a supermarket, then imagine me with a supermarket right next to yours, now you have some new products you want to sell in your store, products of the same quality, but I have the “right” to say: no, you can’t sell that, isn’t that suspect and unjust ?

well, I have to post this question once again, because no one seems to have a answer to it, is anyone able to monitor the decision of the reviewer ?

Well, you asked what we think, i answered.

that’s right, but there are some questions left

I have been here a while and I feel that the system is fair and works well, the reviewers do a great job too, not sucking up (have two tracks in the queue!!! :wink: just stating facts!!!

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While it generally can be seen as a conflict of interest, I think the current reviewers have proven they can be trusted. Is it possible for there to be a problem when allowing other artists (competitors) to review your work? Yes, of course. But we must look at it on a case by case basis. I honestly have not had any issues with the reviewers and believe all of the rejections I have had were warranted. So I think at least right now, the current reviewers are not abusing their power. Every person is different though, and it would be nice to trust everyone. But that is a delusion we should not be so easy to swallow and accept as fact. I think that if there were a clear case of reviewers abusing their position, something would be done about it. So far I for one (from my own experience) do not see any reason to believe they are rejecting the competition in order to benefit themselves. But it is possible that could happen? Sure.

It’s easy to see that there is no discrimination going on. Every week there are multiple new best selling tunes in all music categories that are not posted by the reviewers. If they are indeed “breaking the system” by not letting good tunes in, this shouldn’t happen, no? I understand that it’s easy to see conspiracies everywhere when the frustration hits you in the case of rejection, but let’s face it - only thing to do is to look at the tune and ask yourself - how can I make this better so it gets through? Another option is to submit the file to other marketplaces. AJ is not the only one on the internet.