Do you think it has any potential for approval?

Do you think this piece has some potential to be approved on AJ?
Do you think it sounds good?

Thank you !

In my opinion.

  1. Maybe main melody is too complicated./simple/ from 2:40 melody line fit to the mood of track.
  2. main melody sound should be better.
  3. Chord progression , mood and beat is ok.
  4. Piano sound is little thin start :1:20.


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Hey Jacek ,thank you for your support .
Nice advice ! All the best .

Comletely agree with Jacek!
I think, this is definitely a hard rejection. But who knows…
In my humble opinion, your mix is well, but the lead should definitely be replaced …or add some layers.
The part at 1:22 - 1:52 is too long. Maybe you need to remove the first half?
I repeat, this is just my personal opinion!
Good luck!

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Thank you ,@MaksiKomaro !
I’ll make some improvements, and I’ll come back.
Thank you for help .

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