Do you think it deserves to be rejected? Waiting for your comments

justification for refusal is this “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”

What are your ideas?

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  1. Not a dense mix, incomplete sound (technically but in terms of arrangement is enough)! The saxophone (if I heard it right) sticks out and interferes a bit, the mix does not sound like one whole!
  2. No development (it sounds, boring, monotonous as a “sausage, straight linear” (in my opinion).

Listen to the top tracks in the same genre, maybe it will help you!
Good luck!
P.S. I think that to finish this track quite a bit is necessary for you! (little “water drop”)

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Thank you very much @CleanMagicAudio ok, I will make a few changes :slight_smile:

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hi, as for me indeed, i am not expert but i rather like it though i agree about the repetitive side of some sounds that make it a bit monotonous …

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I think the sax makes it sound like a morning tv show from the 90s - 2000s

Did you upload a -no sax- version?

no i didn’t

Was it bad that the saxophone reminded you of those years? 90 or 2000’s :slight_smile:

Not bad at all, but you need to be as versatile as you can. The sax limits the usage a lot in my opinion. If a no sax version is available, it might be useful to more clients.

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You are right… I have started to make the necessary changes according to your valuable ideas … thank you very much