Do you think I should send it to the envato?

Now, I will arrange my pages in Turkish but also in English. Do you think documentation and introduction is sufficient? Are the plugin’s design and features good?

Should I send it to the Envato?

Hello Halil,

Your admin demo does not work
I logged in with credentials demo, demo, but LSPH panel says “You’re not allowed to view this page”

Plugin seems ok

  • You need to translate everything to English.

The biggest problem with this plugin is that there are already many Ajax search plugins in the marketplace, so you risk being rejected because of not being unique enough.

  • I think you need to emphasize the plugin’s main differentiating feature: search tracking and reporting

  • I think a better name than LSPH is something like “Smart AJAX Search with Tracking, Reports and Analytics

  • I think the design can be improved a little too in the backend side. Give the plugin a nice icon, a good looking menu. Small details can make it stand out.

  • It goes without saying that a great banner and marketing materials are a must

Good luck

Do you offer anything different that except those free plugins or the ones already in sale?

Yes tracking of searched words.


Thanks mate I forgot to change the menu capability.

Yes personally, my main field is development, that is, design marketing, I am not very good, but I do not have a budget to spend so I try to do things alone. Yes I will do everything in English. It is in my own language for now. Also, I use LSPH as the prefix, LSPH, which is the abbreviation for Live Search Plus History. I prepared many things accordingly, do you think it should stay? Or is it a nicer name? I have to put it and what could be this beautiful name. And the icon is beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve sent it twice before and was rejected, this time I changed a lot but I’m afraid to post. What should I do in case they do not accept it and ban it?

What was the reason of the rejection?


Here, if they specify it, I will follow the path according to him, but they did not. Is “exist” mandatory for functions and classes? (according to envato). What are the standards that envato requires in code?

Again, what’s the rejection message? If it’s a standard message , means that it’s not related to coding. It’s either design or features/functionality that you may need to re-re-consider to upload it once again as they may not find the item suitable for the marketplace.