Do you think Envato Market sell will be down if I upload same item in the Elements?

Hello everybody,

Let say I have an item approved in the Envato Market (Themeforest/Codecanyon) and I add it in the Envato Elements too, do you think Envato Market sell will be down, because client can download the item will lot less money from Envato Elements?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hello sir,

I believe that they are different audiences.

Whoever signs up for Envato Market is looking for speed in the development of their projects.
So he always uses the things that are out there.

In Themeforest, for example, people will look for a solution to a specific problem, so I believe that it will not significantly influence sales.


Hi @DwebDigital,
Thanks for your reply.

But I was talking about Envato Elements vs Market . Themeforest is a part of Envato Marekt.

And my wonder is if an item available in both market, will it reduce the sales from Envato Market as clients can download by spending really less money than Envato Market price.

Hope you’ve got my point.

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Hello Envlab!
I understood your point of view.

I believe that just experimenting to know.


I will be testing some products in both locations soon.

After I test and when I have more information, measure sales and understand the whole flow, I give you feedback.

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