Do you shoot in Manual Mode?

Even though I’ve been shooting with a DSLR for several years, I’ll admit I only ventured into Manual Mode about a year and a half ago. Some friends on Twenty20 went on a “learn how to use your camera” trip to Iceland with professional instructors and their results were AMAZING. I hadn’t realized before that that shooting on Aperture priority (my preferred setting) meant the camera was actually doing some processing which was why I wasn’t always capturing what I wanted to. I decided to try manual and I was blown away by the difference. What is your experience with Manual Mode or other camera settings?


Great topic! I was in the aperture priority mode for years but made the switch to manual a couple years ago. It definitely helps me control light and mood a lot better.

My only downside is when I’m moving too fast through different light conditions that I don’t give myself enough time to dial in my settings and end up with some weird combos of shutter speed and ISO :sweat_smile: Always fun when I go through Lightroom and look at the settings thinking “What the heck was I doing here?”

Yes, when I’m in a situation where things are changing fast, I totally switch back to Program or Aperture. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, but partially because I don’t do professional photography work. So I tend to slow things down a bit, to enjoy the technical aspects of using my camera. I also keep noise reduction / lens chromatic aberration correction off, even at high ISO it’s much better to have a lot of authentic grain than smeared details.