do you see any something wrong with spaces?

do you see any something wrong with spaces ? the code is w3 valid

yes, there is spacing & alignment issue,Typography also need to improve your item design quality.

These are not looking good at all


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Do you mean by spacing , the spacing between words and buttons are in the same section , not between from section to another !!

Here is spacing i was

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thank you , you’re really helped me

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There a lot of spacing issues, please check your item carefully before you submit for the review.

Most important,check your responsive breakpoints carefully.

Good luck,

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do you mind take a screenshot of them or most of them
?? it would help me out

please check all section carefully because there are many spacing issues:

Also Blog section spacing issues exist.

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Visual hierarchy and aesthetics. - Typography. - Forms and buttons. - More attention to details. - Better design consistency. - An overall spacing. - Color contrast and schemes. Here are some resources for you: - - - - - -

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