Do you reckon this will be accepted?


On the one hand… it’s not very pretty, very simple, and it’s far from the polished items that frequent the hallowed halls of the After Effects categories. On the other hand, it will save people considerable time masking everything out, if they need all the States as separate layers. Could come in handy with the approaching election, to show the party split by State… and all that jazz!



nice job!!! I love it video :smiley:

I think there will be demand on this project, so go on))

Go ahead and submit it, what do you have to lose?

Cheers guys, it;s in the queue so we’ll see what happens! Fingers crossed.

@SpaceStockFootage Love it! Hope it will be very popular after proceeding on the market! :+1:

Got soft rejected as one of the files wasn’t linked properly, but as my desktop died and I can’t access my files at the moment, I can’t make the required changes! Have messaged the reviewer to see if there’s any way to download the uploaded file. I hope so… don;t really fancy starting from scratch. I’ve still got repetitive strain injury from masking around all the states!

please check :slight_smile:

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Yay! Thanks. I vaguely recall reading something like that, but couldn’t find it in the forums, so thought I had imagined it! That’s great, thank you.

Approved! Happy days. Probably won’t sell any, but it’s the thought that counts!

I’d say at least one sale in the first 24 hours :wink:

Fingers crossed! Seems a bit expensive to me… compared to some really fancy logo intro that would take a load of time and skill. Mine just took quite a bit of time, but it’s pretty simple.

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awesome work! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks! :smiley:

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No sales in the first 24 hours, I cried myself to sleep :cry:

But two sales in the last two hours, so that’s pretty good! Fingers crossed it’ll do pretty well.

Actually, I just did a few keyword searches to see where it comes up in the results and noticed there are quite a few similar animations on VideoHive. In case anyone is wondering, just for the record, I’ve had a similar animation (without AE project) on a different site since February 2011, and it was used on House of Cards Season 2 (Episode 7, right at the beginning in the attack ad) if anyone wants to check! Didn’t want anyone thinking I was copying… although I’d be very surprised if I was the first to do something like that!

Due to the surprising success of my USA Map Kit, I’ve now got a World Map Kit in the review queue… fingers crossed it will get accepted and be as popular as the US one!