Do you really need a high-res preview image for Envato Elements?

When releasing existing projects on Elements, is it possible to use the current lower resolution preview image, or high resolution is a requirement?

They don’t use the high resolution preview image anyway. Was a total waste of time, I’ve updated all my old preview images cause they said Elements will make use of them, yet elements only uses the downscaled 520px versions and stretches them up with ugly pixelation.

Every video template looks horrible on elements until you press the Play button.

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That’s probably for google algorithm.
So the answer is it’s a requirement, but it’s useless.

No requirements. You can go to your items edit page and enable the elements checkbox no matter how big your preview image is. Try it out.

As I understand it, the big res preview is lost directly after uploading. So it makes no difference to google or anyone else.

My advice: Do not waste your time on this, unless you want to change your preview image anyway.

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Thanks, it will save me some time :grinning: