Do you own a Focusrite soundcard?

Hello everyone,

I’ve just found out about this interesting giveaway: Focusrite - Addictive Keys. If you own a registered Focusrite audio interface then just log into the website and get your license for free.

Of course you will have to choose one among four products, I’ve chosen the Studio Grand and it sounds good, it might come in handy. Look forward to using it in some of my future tracks! :smiley:

Hoping this will be of any use for you as well.

Best regards

Edit: P.S. just letting you know that I actually found out about the giveaway by chance…a fellow composer opened a similar thread on VI Control Community. Gonna check the forum more regularly in the future. :wink:


Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks ever so much a free Studio Grand for me, brilliant works amazingly with Logic the sound of it is awesome (better than Alicias Keys by far)


Woww thanks for the information! :smile:

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You are very welcome! :smiley: @FASSounds @FlossieWood @PZakrzewski

Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks very much for posting this here!

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Thank you very much for sharing!

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Really appreciate the post @MagicStockSound. I just downloaded the Studio Grand. It’s a very nice plugin indeed!


My pleasure! :smiley: @SixideBeats @AlisterBunclark @serginxs

Hello @MidnightSnap, you’re welcome. Glad hearing this! :wink:

Yeah! I’m got it in january! It sounds very good :slight_smile:

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