Do you know this track?

Hello community!

I tried to access soundizer which was the only tool to identify the tracks from audiojungle…but it don’t exist anymore…
So does anyone know what two tracks these samples are? Maybe someone stumbled upon them before? They come from a youtube video that was released Jun 2016…

Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Hi. Try “search” to type “tags” that fit the description of the video in which this music. You might be lucky.

Thanks for advice. Haven’t thought about that one but I will try:)

Thank you!

Hi @Pedbol


I don’t know how to thank you!!!
Great help - thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I have to say that you are like a Sherlock Holmes in this forum:slight_smile:
Finds solution to anything…twice in the row!

All effort and help in finding these two tracks is greatly appreciated!
Now I can die in peace.

Cheers again!

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