Do you know that feeling when you ...

Hi mates,

this is a thread to talk about our special feelings on particular situations as an author.
Here you can let out all your good and bad experiences.

So let me start with these: Do you know that feeling when…

  1. :smiley: … you wince because you are concentrated on something and then you get a sale notification? And then you feel alive again.

  2. :smiley: … your track suddenly sounds much better then before after a sale and you like to hear it again?

  3. :frowning: … you are the only one with even two items nominated for the bundle, receiving many compliments and then you get not even one item choosen by staff. *hurting

  4. :frowning: … you are sure to be within the first places of a contest because you got so many nice comments and compliments.
    Then, after all went bad you notice that your doomed item sells much better then most of the winning items. *angry

How about your feelings when …

And what do you feel when you work hard on a stuff then you get rejected xD

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How do you feel about it?

Fortunately I just got a few soft rejections so far. All easy to fix.

It’s my first try here on TF, so i’m bit afraid :stuck_out_tongue: