Do you include "transition sweep" file when uploading a track?

Hello fellow AJers!

I wanted your opinion on something - I’m about to upload a track with multiple versions (the typical 90-sec, 60-sec, 30-sec, loop cuts etc.) but I was also thinking about including the “sweep/transition” effect as a separate file for the clients convenience since they will probably be cutting up different versions of the video/commercial whatever.

Is this even allowed to be included in the main ZIP folder, as it’s technically a “different” effect track but was taken straight from the project?

Another option I was thinking of if I couldn’t include it in the project - I could upload it as a separate Sound Effect and point the potential clients to the “Sweep Effect” file in the description.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you!!
-Sonic Sketches

I’ve never once come across this on AudioJungle, I would answer no

I think it’s a better idea not to mess with it, just make everything in a standart way)

I was thinking about it. The best way would be to put long versions: with transitions, without transitions and transitions only. But transition only track is forbidden on AJ. So maybe making transition and no-transition version with link to your favourite transition sound effects would be the best way.