Do you have to pay every time you register a license when subscribed to Envato Elements?

I want to buy a transitions extension for a “single end product” for $30.

Hypothetically, say I’m editing a commercial for Company A, and I use it there. At this point, I’ve already bought this transition effect and subscribe to Envato Elements.

Do I have to pay to get a new license if I do another commercial for Company B?

You can just register a new copy /license but bear in mind that you must be subscribed at the time the project being completed i.e. you can’t stockpile licenses

To confirm, no extra fee to register a second license if I’m under the subscription plan right?

If I were to just go through Envato market, would I have to pay for a second license?

no extra charge for more license - just need to be subscribed when conducting the project.

yes if you bought the item on the main marketplaces then you may need more than one license (purchase) but this depends on the exact use, and worth remembering that the main marketplaces gives you lifetime updates and 6 months support, neither of which come with elements copies


@charlie4282 Thank you! That was extremely helpful!