Do you have music for 50 minute videos?

Do you have music for 50 minute videos? because I want to put music to the travel or family videos that I make.

Are you looking for a 50-minute song? You probably won’t find that anywhere, but you can find a lot of songs that loop for as long as you want. Though don’t people usually put in multiple songs to fill 50 minutes?

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I think @userp1 just needs something ready , which is totally not so likely to find - ready. Some mixing of 2 or more songs would be required

Thank you very much for answering my question. The reason why I prefer a single audio for a 50 minute video I think is more a matter of preference. Mostly for videos according to the type of trip (city, beach, mountains, day or night, …) having a single music theme as a background.

You can also try a music kit. Maybe it’s the solution for a long video.

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