Do you have any personal music projects? Let's share...

I’m super proud today because my album of classical piano tracks was released on Spotify (and Google Play, Amazon Music etc.) under the artist name Aura Classica.

It’s been over 8 months in the making in my spare time and I think it stacks up pretty well next to the major label releases in the genre. Here’s the links if you want to have a listen:

Google Play
Amazon Music
Amazon Dot Com

Hope you enjoy!


I made a Club track of one of my all time favours. Paul van Dyk used to play the Original by Reflect on his Gigs back then and on his Radio Show. (The Original) Probably on of the most stunning chord progressions in electronic music. Pls Note in my Version the progression is not correct.

Enjoy <3 :sparkles:


Amazing track man! I think I prefer your version. The original has amazing sounding harmony, sure, but yours has a better energy and punch. A great remix.
Did you ever hear Finished Symphony by Hybrid? Reckon you’d dig it since you’re a fan of great harmony and awesome beats!

Hi, here is all my discography, albums and singles published on various digital stores.

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My latest biggest passion is a dark video game music :slight_smile:




And the other albums are avaiable on my spotify acc

For example the last album “Feelin” from the name of the town I come from :wink:


Woah! That’s absolutely terrifying and it sounds amazing. I’ll be interested to play that game. When’s it out, and which platform?

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Hey Wide-View, just been listening to your Spotify profile on shuffle play. Wonderful atmospheric stuff :ok_hand: You have a new follower!
Also, the artwork in Evolution is fantastic, where did it come from? the music suits it perfectly.

It’s from my portfolio, still waiting for its game :wink:

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Aha! :laughing: It certainly deserves a kickass sci-fi thriller game!

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Thank you for your support :heart:

Art was created by Vladimir Manyukhin

and animation was created by Realtime Motion Studios

as far as I know the art were created especially for this composition :smiley:

*edit - however the graphics were not created especially for this song, it was created 2 years ago :sob:

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Hello! I have an alternative eletronic project named sakura Hz where I make mainly genres like future bass, lofi, and trap, but also many other styles.

Here’s some of my stuff:

You can find me on:
Spotify (and other streaming services)

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Amazing work!! Indeed the harmony is amazing. Production is solid too.

I run a few monikers. Celestial Aeon Project focuses on cinematic soundtrack music, Celestial Alignment lofi beats, Celestial Transmission synthwave, Frozen Silence contemporary piano and Project Divinity ambient. I got my hands full :smiley:

My youtube is

Material also on streaming services like Spotify

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My lofi project:


Hello! I have an alternative electronic project called Beardman Beats where I do mostly genres like boombap, LoFi hip-hop and chilltrap.

Here are some of my things:

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Really digging your video game covers. Especially the ones from the '90s. Soothing stuff! Congratulations on 307 thousand monthly listeners too. That’s an awesome achievement.

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Beautiful playing and beautiful music choices. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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Thank you for listening. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have actually several side music projects done in the past… now I have nothing to work on, since i lack ideas and, most important, time to develop them.

I have lullabies on spotify:

I will deliver my music to Mars!

… and this is my greatest project since now:
“Around the world in 80 instruments”, 13 video-songs in which I play instruments collected during my travels all around the world.