Do you have a hobby?

Hi! When the job gets kind of boring, we all need to get some steam off.

I create some fun games for kids! You can see them here

Do you have any hobbies? Cheers :beers:


Yes, I have some other hobbys - but too little time :slight_smile:
One of the other things I’m trying is carving with a Dremel (rotary tool). It’s a lot of fun and a lot of dust :smiley:


Wow, these look amazing :heart_eyes: It reminds me of my high school “woodwork” lessons, where we would make ships or kitchen utensils :joy: But I liked it.

As for my hobbies - recently tried out hiking, and fell in love with it. Only recently - cause in my home country there’s no mountains, and I only visited one abroad last year lol :smiley:

Besides that, I love riding my bike and also photography… like stalking neighbors’ cats or snapping photos of unaware strangers in strange places :joy: And obviously just going out to the city or nature and just searching for interesting or cool compositions.

Just think where is that guy going in the middle… what’s his life? Or what is the guy (on the right) dressed in a BDSM jacket waiting for underneath a bridge? :thinking: :joy:


@XforWooCommerce Super neat games
@Daydreamz-Studios Love your sculptures.
@Atamotion Cool moods

I create some computer moddings


Your channel/work is amazing bro!