Do you do some "PR" to your new uploaded tracks?


Hello Envato Family!

After choosing lot of platforms, we decided to stay on Envato and start building career. Seems to be nice and friendly place.
So, Hello everyone!!! and sorry if that was asked before.

I was wondering if you guys doing some PR for your new uploaded tracks. Even minimum one, like posting on Social Networks or even something more? Or you just uploading and that’s it?
Would be thankful for any experience sharing!!

Have a good day


Hi there stellarRecords ,
In response to your questions , yes most of AJ author use social media like youtube, facebook, soundcloud , twitter and a dozen more.

Hope that helps , welcome to the jungle. :slight_smile:


… but first of all you need to create high-quality and commercially popular tracks :grinning: Welcome ! :grinning:


Thank you!!! Do you post your tracks to youtube too?


Yes i do, youtube is the best of all…more viewers more exposure. :slight_smile:

Welcome! First of all you need to work hard.