Do you compose at 432 Hz?

Hi Audiojungle authors!
I’m wondering if any of you make music at 432Hz (A3) instead of 440Hz.


No. For me 432 sound a little bit out of tune.

I understand, still there are many tracks on Youtube that use the 432Hz sound. Of course that you listen a song at 440Hz then switch to 432Hz will sound out of tune for sure :slight_smile:

Sadly, it sounds out of tune even without comprasion to 440. :slight_smile:

for me change of general tone frequency doesn’t make sense, if you stay in equal temperament :wink:

It’s the same, only lower. If you like it, then why not.

There’s no difference. I have recent track Pop which was made in 432 Hz. Just experimenting

As long as you’re not using a grand piano it can be handy enough to do with a bit of time spent on retuning everything. I wouldn’t waste my time on doing a corporate track at 432 though. If you are going to try it aim for the new age meditation type market. They lap that stuff up :slight_smile:
Interesting fact: 84% of songs recorded at 432hz lie on a bed of binaural beats

  • percentage may or may not be correct -

After publishing a corporate track at 432 Hz, I’ve changed it to 440Hz since sounded too “out of tune”.